The 3 Most Important Things to Remember When You Start a Talent Agency

The entertainment industry is one of the most difficult fields to get into, or so many people think. There are A-list celebrities, sure. There are those who earn millions of dollars in just one booking, while there are those who end up falling to the ground just to get a single gig. However, many people like you – people who are outgoing, upbeat, and have an eye for that which makes other people tick – who would very much like to join the entertainment industry.

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Well, you can! It’s definitely not easy to start your own talent agency because, as with everything else, you need patience and hard work for it to succeed. This doesn’t mean, though, that you have no hopes of raising up a talent who can become as big and famous as the ones we see on TV everyday. There are a lot of things to consider if you want to start your own talent agency, but there are three most important things that should always come first. These three things are the foundation of your talent agency, and they can make or break your future stars, depending on how much attention you give to them.

1) Finding Talent

The first thing to consider is finding talents. Talents are the lifeblood of your agency. Contrary to what we see on TV, it’s not hard to find talents at all. You just have to know where to look because there are so many unrepresented talents who are willing to do anything to get themselves recognized. Of course, there are actually those living under the illusion that they are talented, but there are more people who are really gifted in their own fields.

Look OnlineLook up YouTube, MySpace, or FaceBook. Millions and millions of people upload videos of themselves over these websites. As a budding talent agent, it’s your job to scour these sites for some fresh new act. Remember that there are celebrities starting to become world-famous who were discovered on the Internet. Go LocalYou can also go local. Remember the jazz band that played at your friend’s wedding? Or the colorful clowns during your daughter’s seventh birthday party? What about the extremely funny stand-up comedian your boss hired during the company Christmas party? Or the models handing out brochures and welcoming people at the last trade show? There are a million places to look. You just have to train your eye to recognize what is true talent and what is fake.

2) Finding Gigs (getting your talent booked)

The second thing to do is to find bookings for your talents. As their manager, it’s your job to find jobs for your talents. This may not be as easy to do as the first task, but just like with the first task, you only have to know where to look. For example, you can send some of your talents to your local night clubs during the open-mic nights. Or, you can partner with wedding planner or party organizer services so your musicians can have a steady flow of gigs up their calendar. For models, you can find spots for them in shopping catalogs and local magazines. Actors and actresses can find bookings in corporate video shoots, voice overs, local TV shows, and plays.

3) Educate Yourself

Get help starting your talent agency. There are virtually a lot of people who have experience in this area. The question, though, is whether or not these people are willing to sacrifice some time and effort to help a budding talent agent. Our recommendation is Randy Charach’s Guide to starting your own talent agency. Randy who has made hundreds of thousands of dollars operating his own talent agency shares all he knows in a simply easy to follow guide that leaves nothing out. For more information on Randy’s guide, visit today.